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It’s no surprise that I love movement in my work! Last year I started experimenting with layers of texture and I have loved learning how to create with it. Having stayed in the smaller sizes (5x5 and smaller) it was fun to go bigger and make a pretty piece of art on this 12x12 canvas. Hoping to make more soon!


Chaos Art

The name speaks for itself.. Chaos Art became helpful therapy for my hand when I found myself unable to hold the brush because of a weird tendon issue. These short bursts of creating allowed me to work on my mobility and include a deep love for words that speak to my heart. I grew to love them and one day the lady came out of the chaos.. and so Chaos Lady was created. Ok..ok…. I’ll work on a better name.
These works are drawn on heavy watercolor paper, 6x6 or 6x8. The letters are hand stamped individually by my miraculous, lovely and healed right hand. (Melodramatic much?)

Let me know what you think!!



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A New Release or Commissioned Piece..so much fun when we get to share the story.

"Pretty in Pink" was that extra special piece to complete the wall gallery in my daughter's bedroom. Cool blues and pinks, an abstract pattern with movement and the only one of it's kind. She loves it!

Stephanie G. , TN

"Hollie's commission process is amazing! The art itself is just what I wanted, but I also wanted to have a good feeling about the artist and a great experience behind the commission. Hollie brings that, along with lots of color, uniqueness and happiness in her art. Looking at my Hollie Roy art in my kitchen makes me happy!"

Terri C., TX

"I found Hollie's work on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her palettes and style. I bought two from her online releases, then commissioned another for the trio I was looking for. Not only is her artwork fantastic, but she is a pleasure to work with. I'm definitely looking forward to more of her works gracing my home in the years to come!

Sam G., NY